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GLEWGreat Lakes Engineering Works (1902-1960; Michigan)
GLEWOpenGL Extension Wrangler Library
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But Judge Fred Rutherford said Glew upset his victims and cost them money.
Since writing is a learned skill (Glew et al., 2014; Hunker et al., 2014; Mee, 2000), in order for nurses to participate in the process of publishing, like scholars in any academic discipline they must be trained to do so.
Ac mae D Ben Rees yn ategu'r alwad yn Arwr Glew y Werin.
Subsequently, Faseruk, Bauer and Glew (2012) (5) extended testing to the nations of the North American Free Trade Agreement, namely Canada, Mexico and the U.S.A.
Come qualifying, it was Sailesh's teammate Phil Glew who took the wheel in the single qualifying session for the two-hour race on Sunday.
The archivist of the Tate Museum in London, Andrew Glew, chanced upon the memoirs of British sculptor Henry Sibson, who was also employed at the restoration site.
[4.] Sena LP, Vanderjagt DJ, Rivera C, Tsin ATC, Muhamadu I, Mahamadou O, Millson M, Pastuszyn A and RH Glew Analysis of nutritional components of eight famine foods of the republic of Niger.
Helen Wright and Becky Glew were on the Pacific island when the powerful waves struck.
WebSpy's Product Operations Manager, Scott Glew, says.
Managing Director Tracey Glew, comments: "Our last Open Days were a big success; those who attended thought they were of great benefit.
Rick Glew is VP of Marketing at IEX Corp., where he leads the strategic communication initiatives for the company's workforce management and performance management solutions, which are part of the NICE SmartCenter offering.
Glew of the University of Washington, Seattle, and her associates surveyed 5,391 children from a single urban public school district in grades 7, 9, and 11.