GLFCGreat Lakes Fishery Commission (Canada-US Joint Commission)
GLFCGreat Lakes Forestry Centre (formerly Forest Pest Management Institute; Canada)
GLFCGreat Lakes Football Conference (National Collegiate Athletic Association)
GLFCGuiding Light Fan Club (TV)
GLFCGay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado (Colorado Springs, CO)
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That will provide a real bump in research activity and should better cement their relationship with GLFC and OFRI.
That a major international organization, dedicated to the wise management of fish, might oppose the enhancement of walleye populations makes sense only when you realize that the GLFC is first and foremost concerned with sea lamprey control--especially their predatory impact on lake trout and whitefish populations and on the commercial fishing industry these species support.
Persistently underfunded, the GLFC is seen by many as trading off species important to anglers in favor of those in demand by commercial fishermen.
Since 2013, more than 80,000 of the Tetrastichus planipennisi wasps--which measure no more than 4 millimetres in length--have been released by the GLFC at selected sites in Ontario and Quebec.
Krista Ryall, a forest ecological entomologist with the GLFC's Insect Production and Quarantine Laboratories (IPQL), said EAB is the only known food source for the wasps, which don't pose a threat to humans or native insect populations.
The Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC) plays a critical role in the management of the Great Lakes fisheries.
Abou-Zaid and GLFC researchers have documented 70 natural compounds never reported before.
At GLFC, some components are taken from underutilized space to repair other parts of the building.
A team of GLFC researchers have already compiled a library of thousands of plant compounds that could have far-reaching commercial potential for drug companies.
A prestigious research scientist is being added to the roster at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) and to the teaching ranks at Algoma University College (AUC).
The Sault already has some vital pieces in place, beginning with two world-class government forestry labs in the city - Natural Resources Canada's Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) and the Ontario Forest Research Institute.