GloMoSimGlobal Mobile Information Systems Simulation Library
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Glomosim Simulator Num- Sender Id Query Sequence Last Hop Id Sources Number Source Source Id Multicast Current Next Hop INT Row# Group Id Seq Seq Count .
sequence of static graphs representing snapshots of the network topology at different time instants) and compare the performance metrics obtained for the communication structures with that of those obtained for the actual routing protocols when simulated in a discrete-event simulator such as ns-2, GloMoSim and etc.
To evaluate performance of our proposed AODV-D protocol, we used the GlomoSim simulator [5,20,25] and compared its performance with AODV and QoS-AODV protocols.
The GloMoSim library is a scalable simulation environment for wireless network systems.
In this section, we evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed protocol using GloMoSim [13].
All the simulation results are done using GLOMOSIM simulator and shown in figure 5-12.
Implementation on actual Motes: the non-uniform grid-based coordinate routing driven scheme is simulated in GLOMOSIM.
20] UCLA Parallel Computing Laboratory, Glomosim, http://pcl.
Simulation tools such as ns-2 [5], ns-3 [6], OPNET [7], SSFNet [8], GloMoSim [9] and OMNeT++ [10] have extensively been used for computer network research.
Tools such as ns-2 [5], ns-3 [6], OPNET [7], OMNeT++ [10], GloMoSim [9] and SSFNet [8] are used to reveal the inner workings of computer networks in virtual settings.