GloMoSimGlobal Mobile Information Systems Simulation Library
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GloMoSim: Global Mobile Information Systems Simulation Library.
[12] GloMoSim Simulator,
Gerla, GloMoSim: a library for parallel simulation of large-scale wireless networks, Parallel and Distributed Simulation, 1998.
Various simulators such as ns-2 [5] and GloMoSim [20] are available to implement and study the behavior of the routing protocols.
To evaluate performance of our proposed AODV-D protocol, we used the GlomoSim simulator [5,20,25] and compared its performance with AODV and QoS-AODV protocols.
Summary of testbed specifications from [18], [19] and [20] Measurement study [18] [19] [20] Spectrum 5.9 GHz 2.4 GHz 900 MHz 1.8/5.9 GHz IEEE Standard 802.11p 802.11b/g 802.11p Propagation Situation NoPATH/LOS LOS/NLOS LOS/NLOS NLOS Propagation Model Two Ray Ground Two Ray Ground Two Ray Ground Fading - Rice/Rayleigh Rice/Rayleigh Bit rate (Mbps) 3 2 3 Bandwidth 10 MHz 20,22 MHz 10 MHz Modulation OFDM DSSS,OFDM OFDM Mobility - - IDM-LC Routing protocol AODV AODV AODV/LAR Simulation Tools NCTUNS QualNet/TIGER GloMoSim Table 2.
GlomoSim and Networks Simulator2 in order to run their simulations.
We simulate the improved scheme in GlomoSim [7] and show that the established key has strong randomness and the key agreement efficiency is high.
GloMoSim uses an agent called seed whose function is to guarantee a random distribution and motion of the nodes within and on the network area during the simulation period.
It has been implemented in many networks simulation tools (e.g., NS2 [10], GloMoSim [11], ONE [12]).
We run our experiments using the GloMoSim network simulator framework [22].