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GMCoGlobal Management Company (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
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A source told the Sun that the 43-year-old record producer is looking to build a global management company.
Asked why the change of strategy was necessary, Hawkes says he anticipates greater revenues from having a global management company onboard.
For executives, industry association leaders, and those who buy and sell from raw materials, energy, chemicals, and utility industries, Scholtissek, a strategist for a global management company, examines innovations as they relate to companies in the energy and natural resources sectors, which are undergoing increased changes.
The site sells carbon credits through global management company Carbon Clear and people can buy tree planting credits.
Berg, a managing partner of the Global Management Company, has worked since 1977 for Ellis Paint, and for Pacific Resources Recovery Services, a hazardous waste management company.
A partner at Nextera, a Chicago-based global management company, Annunzio discussed the five key steps she believes executives need to take to successfully lead their organizations in the new economy in a recent interview with ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT.
LeighFisher, a global management company, was consulted for analysis of the tunnel%s traffic and revenue forecasts.
With substantially less debt and a more flexible operating structure, Kerzner is well positioned for sustainable long-term growth as a global management company.
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