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Fidelity's Global Property Fund invested around the world accepts regular savings from pounds 50 a month, or lump sums from pounds 1,000.
Ken Greguski, Executive Director, MSCI, said: In addition to offering the highest return in four years, Global Property Fund outperformed other asset classes for the first time since 2011.
The deal allows SEB Asset Management to leverage a unique sales opportunity for its SEB Global Property Fund, following a holding period of seven years.
Fidelity, the country's largest fund manager, became the latest to join this trend launching its Global Property fund.
But even though company's seven previous global property funds have doubled their invested capital, the city isn't taking any more chances of Stuy Town.
The fund includes stock market and property investments, including urban property, rural and development land and a stake in global property funds.
A sign of the times is that well known investment companies, such as Schroders & Fidelity, have launched global property funds, in order to retain investors' enthusiasm and keep them investing.
Opportunity funds and global property funds, such as J.
The last couple of years or so has seen the introduction of European property funds as well as global property funds by some of the major investment houses such as Schroders and Fidelity.
Fidelity and Schroders offer global property funds, First State is launching one and Gartmore is also considering entering the market.
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