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Fraction of simulated walking trips that violate heat-health safety standards based on the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature index for Maricopa County, Arizona, 2005-15.
Wet Bulb Globe Temperatures, which take into account factors including humidity and wind, reached 31.20C on that day.
Recommended heat stress occupational exposure limits are based primarily on wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT), workload, and acclimatization status.
Mean values of environmental variables observed during the evaluated period, along the day, in swine growing and finishing facilities with floors with water depth (WDP), slotted on sides (SLS) and slotted in the center and sides (SLC) Variables (1) Pen WDP SLS SLC RH (%) 68.5 a 64.1 c 66.2 b Tbg ([degrees]C) 19.9 c 20.5 b 21.2 a Tdb ([degrees]C) 19.8 b 19.9 b 20.6 a BGHI 66.2 b 66.7 b 67.3 a (1) Relative air humidity (RH); Black globe temperature (Tbg); Dry bulb temperature (Tdb); Black globe-humidity index (BGHI); Means followed by the same letter in the row do not differ by Tukey test (p > 0.05) TABLE 3.
Hot environments--Estimation of the heat stress on working man, based on the WBGT-index (wet bulb globe temperature).
In total, 95 precise and calibrated sensors were attached in the test chamber to measure average surface temperatures, dry-bulb air temperature, globe temperature, air velocity, and relative humidity.
Measured parameters include outdoor meteorological parameters, the air temperature, relative humidity and black globe temperature in the outer and inner zone of the terminal, the temperature and relative humidity distribution on the vertical direction, and the inner surface temperature of building envelope.
To combine all this data we are making use of the WBGT (Wet-bulb globe temperature) index.
The researchers used projections for the wetbulb globe temperature, a measurement that combines temperature, humidity, heat radiation and wind, to determine the viability of potential host cities.
The estimated wet-bulb globe temperature was 29[degrees]C.
"A mobile phone app at the scene indicated a temperature of 33 degrees, and at noon a wet-bulb globe temperature (WBGT) reading was 31.2.
With the temperature of the globe thermometer and the wind speed, we calculated the Globe Temperature and Humidity Index (BGHI) for dairy cows, and estimated the radiant heat load (RHL) according to Silva (2008).