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GLOMARGlobal Marine (Howard Hughes company which fronted CIA operation in Pacific)
GLOMARGlobal Low Orbiting Message Relay Satellite
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Declining to submit either a Vaughn index or even a no number, no list response, OLC submitted a Glomar response, stating that, pursuant to Exemptions 1, 3, and 5, it was neither confirming nor denying the existence of documents described in the request.
286) Specifically, the plaintiffs contended that the Glomar rationale cannot be used to "conceal illegal or unconstitutional activities.
De Mesa was a resident of Barangay Mataque while Glomar lived in Barangay Old Camp, both of Capalonga town.
The doctrine owes its name to a ship called the Hughes Glomar Explorer, which the C.
Songa Saturn, built in 1983 by Far East Levingston Shipbuilding, is of Global Marine Glomar 40 design and has a water-depth capacity of up to 3,800 ft.
95) First recognized in a case involving Exemption 1 (classified records) seeking CIA records that might reveal any covert relationship between the agency and Howard Hughes' submarine retrieval ship, the Glomar Explorer, (96) the refusal to confirm or deny the existence of certain records is sometimes referred to as a "Glomar" response, or "Glomarization.
Offley's exhaustive research over decades ties together the capture of the USS Pueblo by the North Koreans, the KGB, secret underwater listening devices, convicted spy John Anthony Walker, the CIA and the recovery ship Glomar Explorer, a confrontational Soviet navy, the lost Soviet sub K-129, and a US Navy cover-up.
Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project Covering Leg 94 of the Cruises of the Drilling Vessel Glomar Challenger, Norfolk, Virginia, to St.
Times Washington bureau chief, recalls investigating a story about the Glomar Explorer, a recovery ship that Howard Hughes' company built for the CIA in a secret effort to raise a Russian submarine that had sunk near Hawaii.
Welder Richard King, 56, of Jarrow, was killed when an explosion hit the Glomar Arctic IV exploration rig in Dundee Harbour in July 1998.
Richard, 56, died from the blast on the Glomar Arctic IV oil rig while doing maintenance work with his colleague, Roland Duffell, of Alnwick.
CHAS Appeal: pounds 5 from Anon; pounds 271 from the crew of Glomar V1 Drilling Rig's Christmas raffle; pounds 10 from Tommy Boyle.