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GLOMARGlobal Marine (Howard Hughes company which fronted CIA operation in Pacific)
GLOMARGlobal Low Orbiting Message Relay Satellite
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"Glomar responses are used under FOIA in two contexts: where confirming or denying raises national security issues or privacy issues," said Erwin Chemerisnky, a First Amendment expert and dean of the law school at the Uni versity of California, Irvine.
(286) Specifically, the plaintiffs contended that the Glomar rationale cannot be used to "conceal illegal or unconstitutional activities." (287) But the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York refused to consider the legality of the NSA's surveillance "in the context of suits seeking disclosure of secret records." (288) The court also expressed skepticism that the NSA's Glomar response was designed to conceal "activities that violate the Constitution or are otherwise illegal." (289)
Declining to submit either a Vaughn index or even a no number, no list response, OLC submitted a Glomar response, stating that, pursuant to Exemptions 1, 3, and 5, it was neither confirming nor denying the existence of documents described in the request.
To both sets of plaintiffs (the Times and the ACLU), OLC initially provided Glomar responses.
The density water content, porosity, density, and grain density of marine sediments were measured aboard the Glomar Challenger (which is deep sea research and scientific drilling vessel for oceanography and marine geology studies) on core samples.
2009) (accepting NSA's "Glomar" response to FOIA request seeking information about government surveillance of attorneys representing Guantanamo detainees); Amnesty Int'l USA v.
Thrown off the truck, students Sarah Jean De Mesa, 14, and Robert Glomar, 16, died on the spot, Capinpin said.
From the "Glomar Explorer", a secret CIA ship that dredged up part of a sunken Soviet ballistic missile submarine, to the "Deal", a cargo ship that transformed into a pirate radio station, Uncommon Warriors gives individual histories, specifications, and black-and-white illustrations of more than forty vessels, as well as providing brief directory listings of four hundred more.
The agency's argument is based on a 35-year-old judicial doctrine called Glomar, which allows government agencies to respond to requests under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, by refusing to confirm or deny the existence of the records that have been requested.
Maritime organisations say the US vessel Glomar Challenger set the previous record of 23,130ft below sea surface in the Mariana Trench in 1978.
Songa Saturn, built in 1983 by Far East Levingston Shipbuilding, is of Global Marine Glomar 40 design and has a water-depth capacity of up to 3,800 ft.
(95) First recognized in a case involving Exemption 1 (classified records) seeking CIA records that might reveal any covert relationship between the agency and Howard Hughes' submarine retrieval ship, the Glomar Explorer, (96) the refusal to confirm or deny the existence of certain records is sometimes referred to as a "Glomar" response, or "Glomarization."