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GLUGlutamic Acid (amino acid)
GluGlutamate (amino acid)
GLUGod Lives Underwater (band)
GLUGenerateur de Liens Uniformes (French)
GLUGPS Landing Unit
GLUGirl Like Us
GLUGraphics Language Utility
GLUGroup Logic Unit
GLUGame Launching Utility
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These fibers possibly belonged to developing sensory cell bodies, which might be absent or very low in GLU content along the surface of the tail.
Our immunohistochemical findings clearly show that GLU is present in different neuronal elements of the central and peripheral nervous system of the adult and developing (embryonic and juvenile) pond snail Lymnaea stagnalis.
GLU seems not only to function as a transmitter in the Lymnaea nervous system, but also to be involved in the late development of certain cellular events necessary for adequate adult behavior.
Glu released the first game utilizing IAP on Android in March 2011.
ZOMBIES DEFENSE, LIL' KINGDOM, GUN BROS, BLOOD & GLORY, GLU, GLU MOBILE and the 'g' character logo are trademarks of Glu Mobile Inc.
All Glu VIP Club members are entered into monthly VIP Sweepstakes for the chance to win a wide range of exciting prizes.
A list of current and past prizes, along with the Glu VIP Club Sweepstakes rules, is available at: http://m.