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glulamGlued laminated timber
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The roof system on both buildings is framed with exposed curved glued laminated timbers.
HGA) says that aesthetics and durability were a driving force in choosing glued laminated timber for the roof structure.
Over 78,000 board feet of glued laminated timber and over 88,000 board feet of sawn lumber were used.
20/40 cm, - wall structure made of glued laminated timber approx.
Standard for adhesives for use in structural glued laminated timber.
and diagonal bars uk beams - glued laminated timber gl 28c, gk1, 80 x 180 mm 160 pcs.
Deliver 110 m 3 of construction timber; 4 450 m joining / laying of construction timber; deliver 30 m 3 glued laminated timber; 460 m joining / laying of glued laminated timber
Design information and examples for wind and seismic conditions, sawn lumber, structural glued laminated timber, structural-use panels, shear walls and diaphragms, poles and piles, I-joists, structural composite lumber, structural connections (nails, bolts, and screws), metal plate connected wood trusses, and pre-engineered metal connectors are provided.