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GA-IGlutaric Aciduria type I
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Early detection of glutaric aciduria type I by newborn screening in Taiwan.
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Sensitivity and specificity of free and total glutaric acid and 3- hydroxyglutaric acid measurements by stable-isotope dilution assays for the diagnosis of glutaric aciduria type I.
Use of guidelines improves the neurological outcome in glutaric aciduria type I.
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Bilateral arachnoid cysts of the temporal fossa in four children with glutaric aciduria type I.
Other compounds may also be quite specific, including 3-hydroxyglutarate for glutaric aciduria type I, mevalonic acid for mevalonic aciduria, N-acetylaspartate for Canavan disease, 4-hydroxycyclohexylacetate for hawkinsinuria, and 2-ketoadipate and 2-hydroxyadipate for 2-amino/2-ketoadipate aciduria.