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But now I can have biscuits, brownies, Bakewell tarts, sandwiches and salads so there have been massive changes," says Janet And when she invited to a Queen's Garden Party she wasn't about to go hungry and requested a gluten free meal.
The cafe offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meal options
The council offers a number of gluten free meal options, which are freshly prepared each day in the central production unit.
Based in Palo Alto, California, Kaeng Raeng offers all natural, vegan, gluten free meal replacement cleansing and detox programs free from artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, laxatives or stimulants.
Martyn Gray, Marketing Director at Nairn's Oatcakes said: "Many coeliacs struggle to gain adequate nutrition, so a tasty, hot gluten free meal which fits in with their needs is a great start to the day.
In addition to the stands, visitors will be able to enjoy a range of expert talks and cookery demonstrations and the chance to ask questions about sticking to gluten free diet, the latest research on coeliac disease or just how to make a tasty gluten free meal.
Last few days, I have being trying to eat gluten free meals two times a day and it is working out perfect for me.
Canton Chef also has vegetarian and gluten free meals, so you really will find something for everyone.
The menu includes halal meals, gluten free meals and gluten free desserts from the famous Dafna's cakes.
It is anticipated that the service will be available to all areas of North Lincolnshire both urban and rural, provide a food supply, preparation and delivery service either by sole provider or in partnership, accommodate for specific dietary requirements when requested for example, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free Meals, Diabetic and Moderate Salt Meals, and provide well-being checks for each customer at the point of delivery with feedback to a North Lincolnshire Council~s contact point where any concerns are identified.
It is critical for those who have an allergy to wheat that they consume only gluten free meals. "You Still Won't Believe It's Gluten-Free: 200 More Delicious, Fool-Proof Recipes You and Your Whole Family Will Love" by Roben Ryber (founder of Miss Roben's Gluten-Free Foods) is a 312 page compendium comprised of thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes for gluten free dishes that will please any palate and satisfy any appetite.
The patient chose to eat cereal shortly after admission, but had gluten free meals subsequently," said Mr Duggan.