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She's a glutton for punishment if ever I heard of one.
Either he's a glutton for punishment, or he's found a way around the problem of giving things up.
"If the cruise wasn't being a glutton for punishment, after we disembarked, we had two days at Disney World."
As a football fan, though, I remain a glutton for punishment, rooting for the only AFC franchise from the 1970 NFL-AFL merger not to make the Super Bowl.
DIRTY Sanchez star Matthew Pritchard is a glutton for punishment - he's taking part in this year's Ironman Wales race.
The plays include "Glutton for Punishment" by Cathy Noah, "Gray Reflections" by Connie Bennett, "And I Feel Fine" by Ari Chadwick-Saund, "Big Life" by Paul Calandrino, "The Gas Mart Amendment" by Nick Zagone, "Mother Courageous" by Kato Buss, "Scenarios" by M.
But, as well as being a glutton for punishment, he is also very successful.
Ever the glutton for punishment, in May last year he decided to set off on another quest.
Showing up with a box of donuts to a dental enrollment meeting is a bad idea, unless you are a glutton for punishment.
All told, he's spent eight years in the building already--that he's coming back for more shows Bill to be either a man of great dedication and patriotism or a real glutton for punishment. As much as his time here in the 90s gives him insight into the Department of Defense and its programs--he played key roles in defense-finance reform and the 1997 Quadrennial Defense Review--it is his other experiences that make him a unique person to take on the responsibilities of the department's chief management officer.
So is Wagner just a glutton for punishment, or does he expect more?
OK, I am a glutton for punishment. was flying out of Key West this week at 9000 feet.