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GLYGlycine (Amino Acid)
GLYGilroy (Amtrak station code; Gilroy, IL)
GLYGlossary (File Name Extension)
GLYGod Loves You
GLYGiga Light Year
GLYGibraltar Liberal Youth (political group)
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The use of targeted allergen suppression has been successful in obtaining a soybean line lacking the immunodominant human allergen Gly m Bd 30k (Herman et al.
Far from detesting GLY, however, Nicholas has actually come to admire Boycott after working with him as a TV commentator.
001) through the second day of storage but decreased progressively from the third day of storage, when stored at either -20 or -80[degrees]C; GLY and TAU showed a significant decrease (P <0.
04 Nos 5 Pressure Guage 4 Dia Gly Filled Make Wika, Massor Or Similar Qty.
According to GLY, which is an amalgamation of over 60 youths' groups drawn from across the 57 Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in the state, the call is not only misguided but hasty and irresponsible.
The difference in allele/genotype frequencies of Gly and Ser was statistically significant.
Conclusion: Heterozygous Arg/Gly, homozygous Gly/Gly and Gly Allele were found to be significantly associated with nocturnal asthma.
Although Gly and Gly 2% treatments were not different from each other, Gly 4 and Gly 6% treatments showed difference since Gly 4% treatments had the highest biogas production.
The glyoxalase system (mainly Gly I and Gly II) is an integral component and the major pathway for detoxification of MG in living organisms including plants (Cheng et al.
Our GLY would be in perpetual conflict with the Westminsterimposed authority of the First Tyke, so whose lead would we follow in a contest of loyalty, known hereabouts as a Pontefract Stand-Off?