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GSK3Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3
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Now, Li-Huei Tsai, professor of neuroscience at the MIT, and colleagues have shown for the first time that DISC1 directly inhibits the activity of a brain enzyme called glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta, responsible for schizophrenic conditions.
Researchers believe glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3) could provide a new therapy, paving the way to new treatments.
The study, published in Nature Communications, saw a global research team, led by the University of Bristol study how the activity of the enzyme GSK3 (Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3) affects the function of podocyte cells, which are crucial in enabling the kidneys to filter blood.
Glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3) was proved to be involved in numerous cellular processes including cell proliferation, apoptosis, and regulation of different cell signalings [16-18].
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It regulates the glucose metabolism by phosphorylating the TBC1D4 protein, also known as AS160, and glycogen synthase kinase 3 (GSK3).
Suppression of androgen receptor mediated transactivation and cell growth by the glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta in prostate cells.
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