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From the Control Component, Goal Reasoning is the module that implements the GMoDS framework.
GROUP op BEGIN FINAL opl = ANY self WHERE self [member of] D1_Inst \ D1 THEN DI := DI [union] {self} op1_ret := self END FINAL op2 [??] ANY self WHERE self [member of] D2_Inst \ D2 THEN D2 := D2 [union] {self} op2_ret := self END END END 5 Expressing GMoDS models in object-oriented specifications in event-B
As stated in Section 2, we describe a specification of the GMoDS framework using an object-oriented extension of the Event-B method, which represents the Goal Reasoning module from the Control Component of an Organization-based agent architecture.
The GMoDS definition contains three different models [13]: (i) a Specification model that contains a tree structure of goal classes and their associations, and (ii) a Runtime model that contains a tree structure of goal instances and the actions that are executed, each action being related to a association between classes, and (iii) an Execution model that implements GMoDS using and updating continuously a collection of sets of goal instances, according to the current state of each goal instance.
The Specification model of GMoDS contains the goal specification tree, [G.sub.Spec], which describes how the goal classes are related to one another, and where upper level goals (parents) are decomposed into lower level sub-goals (children) and each parent has either a conjunctive or disjunctive achievement condition as shown via the <<and>> and <<or>> decoration in Fig.
5.2 Expressing GMoDS Models into an Object-Oriented Model
For specifying in Event-B the GMoDS framework (in fact the Goal Reasoning module), all the three GMoDS models must be specified.
For the specification the GMoDS runtime model, a tree of goal instances must be specified.
For translating the GMoDS framework into an object-oriented model, we use the following classes:
Env represents the environment for the GMoDS framework that:
--Can send a message to the GMoDS system to start its execution (i.e.
5.3 An Example of Expressing GMoDS Models in Event-B