GnIHGonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone
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A new key neurohormone controlling reproduction, gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone (GnIH): biosynthesis, mode of action and functional significance.
Bentley, "Effects of melatonin on peripheral reproductive function: regulation of testicular GnIH and testosterone," Endocrinology, vol.
The current research, in order to understand the mechanism of GnIH inhibiting aggressiveness, involved a series of experiments using quail, an aggressive species of bird, as a model.
Further, it became clear that neurons which synthesize estrogen have the receptor for GnIH.
Sub-Project 1 is aimed at investigating the potential interaction of the environmental synchroniser, light, and its transducer neurohormone, melatonin, with the GnIH and kisspeptin neuroendocrine systems in sea bass.
Other neuropeptides such as Met-enkephalin-RF, galanin and neuropeptide Y, which lack the C-terminal LRF-amide motif, is unable to bind and activate GnIH receptor (Yin et al., 2005).
Available studies have shown the expression of GnIH receptor mRNA in the pituitary as well as in several brain regions in birds (Ikemoto and Park, 2005; Yin et al., 2005; Maddineni et al., 2008).
Conhecimentos atuais das funcoes do GnIH, da leptina, dos estrogenos, da kisspeptina e da adiponectina, bem como suas complexas inter-relacoes durante esse periodo critico na vida reprodutiva das femeas bovinas serao discutidos para o melhor entendimento do assunto.
Controle gonadotrofico mediado pela Kisspeptina, GnIH e Adiponectina
Because reproductive hormones often promote the growth of cancer cells, GnIH might also work as an anti-cancer agent.
The study conducted using animal models showed that the stress hormones not only suppress GnRH but also boost the suppressor GnIH - a double whammy for the reproductive system.