GnIHGonadotropin-Inhibitory Hormone
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Further, it became clear that neurons which synthesize estrogen have the receptor for GnIH.
This research shows that GnIH acts on the neurons which synthesize estrogen, to greatly increase production of estrogen and greatly decrease aggressiveness in male quail.
Available studies have shown the expression of GnIH receptor mRNA in the pituitary as well as in several brain regions in birds (Ikemoto and Park, 2005; Yin et al.
Alternatively, as expression of GnIH receptor mRNA has been observed in the hypothalamus (Yin et al.
Controle gonadotrofico mediado pela Kisspeptina, GnIH e Adiponectina
O GnIH e a adiponectina foram descobertos recentemente e ja sao apontados como fundamentais na regulacao neuroendocrina da reproducao.
Because reproductive hormones often promote the growth of cancer cells, GnIH might also work as an anti-cancer agent.
GnIH was discovered in 2000 in quail and has been studied in other birds, in mice and in sheep.
The study conducted using animal models showed that the stress hormones not only suppress GnRH but also boost the suppressor GnIH - a double whammy for the reproductive system.
We know stress affects the top-tier reproductive hormone, GnRH, but we show, in fact, that stress also affects another high-level hormone, GnIH, to cause reproductive dysfunction," said lead author Elizabeth Kirby, a graduate student at UC Berkeley's Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute.