GNOPGreater Nile Oil Project (Sudan)
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Compared with non stress, drought stress considerably reduced PH, PEX, PL, PWI, PW, POFE, GNOP and GWP and conversely the number of dry leaves were increased as shown in (Table 1).
Based on the results obtained from principle component analysis (Table 4), the proportional contribution of the traits under controlled conditions the first axis accounted for41.9% of the variance and the principle component score were influenced by GNOP, GWP, PW, PWI and PH as shown in (Fig 5b).
Under drought stress POFE showed significant positive correlation with GNOP (0.483) and other yield related traits except NOP where as negative correlation with LDS (-0.332) as shown (Table 3a).
Accessions belongs to Africa region only five accessions showed lower DSI values (-0.549, 0.022,0.282, 0.343 and 0.444), whereas for other African accessions the value varied from 0.513 to 1.46 as shown in (Table 5).The results of correlation coefficient revealed the significant positive association between DSI and LDS (0.341) indicates the effect of dry leaves on yield, whereas negative association was observed with PH, PEX, PL, PWI, PW, POFE, GWP, GNOP and 100GWP.Discussion
Performance of the tolerant accessions were desirable under drought stress but traits like PH ,PL, POFE and GNOP showed a little decreases in comparison with non stress indicate the sensitivity of these traits to reproductive stage drought stress.