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References in classic literature ?
The rest is with thy brethren below yonder, The Little People go back to sleep.
WoW Cloud-enabled Acer Ultrabooks are equipped to wake up remotely, connect to the AcerCloud while the system is in idle or sleep mode, transfer content remotely, and go back to sleep, to deliver instant-on and always-connected capability.
The immediate response is on expected lines, but it remains to be seen whether we shake off our slumber or go back to sleep.
All those who fancy Rip Van Winkle need to go back to sleep for 20 years.
Mullin then bizarrely got back into his bed in the room where the fire was, and tried to go back to sleep, despite his mother screaming at him to get out.
Yes": Maybe it was a lotus / lifting its head above the mud // set Coleridge wishing that / like Vishnu, dreamer of worlds, // he could float, asleep / on the infinite ocean, // cradled in a lotus flower, / and every few million years // wake for a moment / simply to reaffirm // he could go back to sleep / for a few million more.
Children with OSAS may actually stop breathing while sleeping, which causes them to suddenly awaken and then go back to sleep.
So, please tell me, why didn't the guy go back to sleep, and dream away this pathetic idea of changing names of their baseball team?
When there's snow on the ground, they tend to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, he says.
I asked my dad what was happening, and he told me not to worry and to go back to sleep.
But when the bunnies become too frightened to go back to sleep, Mother knows just how to silence those big, bad wolves once and for all