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GFYGood For You
GFYGovernment Fiscal Year
GFYGo Find Yourself (polite form)
GFYGo Fudge Yourself
GFYGalaxy Fraulein Yuna (video games)
GFYGraphitic Filament Yarn
GFYGod Free Youth (est. 2009)
GFYGod Forgives You (Internet slang)
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The video-collage to be presented includes the piece Fluid Flux by Evgenija Demnievska from Serbia; Everything Goes Down with Her by Lucy Azubuike from Nigeria; Passage Difficile by Mouna Jemal Siala from Tunisia; 000 by Angelika Rinnhofer from Germany; Go find Yourself by Katya Nikonorova from Kazakhstan; Female by Maria Papacharalambous from Cyprus and Timeline by Camilia Rodriguez Triana from Colombia.
Some of the outdoor ads for Girlfriends' Guide, showing you giving the finger with the tagline "Go Find Yourself," were banned for being "inappropriate." Did that surprise you, especially considering some of the racier ads that do appear in public?
So step outside of the circle drawn around you, take a chance on something different, and go find yourself," Mrs.
Go find yourself another dude who will believe your lies.
Go find yourself a nourishing way of earning a living
Then you can go find yourself find a new playmate -- preferably one who isn't married.
And when they were told, "Go find yourself a piece of paradise and learn to love one another again"- that's exactly what they did.