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That the former once, paraphrashing here for a family newspaper, said business should go forth and multiply and the latter thinks the loss of thousands of jobs may be a price paid sadly, but worth it all the same, should a no-deal Brexit occur, it doesn't augur well for a good working relationship.
True in the beginning there was a command to go forth and multiply but the multiplying has now greatly exhausted itself as the world is clearly overpopulated.
He also refuses to use contraception because he says God told him to go forth and multiply. "Anyway, I can't get a job," he says.
A SHAMELESS dad yesterday boasted that he has fathered 40 children by 20 women and insisted: "God says go forth and multiply."
Cumming claimed he was only following the Bible's instruction to "go forth and multiply" and all the women involved had been glad to have his children.
Cumming, 35, also refused to rule out having more babies, claiming that he once wanted to be a priest and that he is simply following the Biblical instruction to "go forth and multiply".
As parents, we are supposed to "go forth and multiply" and raise our children to do the same.
When Mum says ``clean your room'' do they trudge meekly up the stairs or tell her to go forth and multiply?
Monday sees the release of their debut album Go Forth and Multiply, a dozen tracks displaying a muscular brand of rock with enough melody to make them a mainstream proposition.
That was the message yesterday from the European Commission which wants couples to go forth and multiply in the hope of defusing a demographic time bomb.
Each cell is endowed with the mandate to go forth and multiply, but subject to the proviso that it must find a mate and commingle its genetic legacy, at least every few hundred generations, on pain of death.
MY advice for the New Year is to go forth and multiply.