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There is an opportunity to attract more business into this country because it is now a great deal cheaper than they would have ever imagined so the Go For Growth slogan that you have chosen for this conference is entirely appropriate.
We know this is a bold target that's not without its challenges but we need to go for growth because we recognise that population growth is critical to sustaining economic growth for Tasmania.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 8, 2014-Standard Chartered research indicates high net worth business owners go for growth
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-July 8, 2014-Standard Chartered research indicates high net worth business owners go for growth
A FREE event aimed at helping ambitious small and medium-sized businesses go for growth takes place in Huddersfield next week.
For the Government to hit its target, we will need not just current exporters to go for growth, but encourage more firms to take their first steps.
But what we really want him to do is go for growth like there's no tomorrow to halt the threat of triple-dip recession.
Wake up and smell the ratings, Mr Osborne, and go for growth.
At Business & Enterprise North East, which is a privately run company delivering services such as Business Link and the Regional International Trade Office in the region, we will continue to do everything possible to ensure that the region's enterprises can really go for growth and help build a future with more jobs and sustainable, thriving businesses than ever before.
In a Downing Street podcast, Brown said: "We've reached a point in our economic recovery where we need decisions that will determine whether it takes root and we can go for growth - creating jobs and prosperity for all - or whether it withers and dies.
Strategy "Our strategy has to be to go for growth, now and in the long term, supporting the economy while ensuring sustainable public finances.
Channel your energy Focus on the customer base with the resources and fortitude to go for growth.