Go8Group of Eight (Australian universities)
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The new LTE-enabled GO8 is an amazingly useful telematics device with a wide array of valuable features, now made even more valuable with the addition of LTE connectivity, said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO.
The University of Western Australia, as a Go8 (2) university, embraced the implementation strategy through the design of Aspire UWA, which was initially funded with a competitive grant from the Australian government's Diversity and Structural Adjustment fund.
At Go8 universities, researchers, research candidates and research administrators can participate in a broad range of research training and development opportunities.
Secondly, if further research funding is to be diverted to Go8 universities there will be less available to the other 32 universities, with a subsequent negative impact on learning and teaching.
The Go8 PhD study focuses solely on research student graduate outcomes, and is not discipline or field specific.
Table 6: Scenario 1--Stable shares target for low SES enrolment, 2020 2020 Low SES per cent 2008 Low SES under Scenario 1 per cent Institutional grouping GO8 12.
As indicated in the previous section the data were collected according to university department(s), not a specified list of journals for each field, and this was done by conducting a general search for publications in each of the fields identified earlier for each of the GO8 universities.
Among the solutions selected by Go8 universities are Blue Evaluations, Blue Survey, Blue 360, the Data Integrity Gateway, Blue Text Analytics, and Bluepulse.
Australia's Go8 universities are generally within the top 250 ranked universities, with several institutions in the top 50-100 on some measures.
On 23 July 2001, the meeting of the GO8 in Genoa issued a press release which both deplored the anti-capitalist protests and pledged to do more to ensure the world's poor shared in the benefits of globalization.
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The survey is the third Go8 Infrastructure survey, with previous surveys being conducted in 2007 and 2009.