GoJGovernment of Jamaica
GoJGovernment Of Japan
GoJGovernment of Jordan
GoJGastro-Oesophageal Junction
GoJNizhniy Novgorod, Russia - Nizhniy (Airport Code)
GoJGospel of Judas (religious text)
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The Proceeds of Crime Act, which would provide the GOJ with the powerful tool of civil forfeiture and permit a more expeditious seizure and forfeiture process, was stalled in Parliament, despite a lack of opposition.
Jordan continues to develop the network that will serve as an information sharing device for all of Jordan's treatment providers and the GOJ authorities that deal with antinarcotics programs.
Not only is the approach to the GOJ easier via the abdomen, also single lung ventilation is not required and so pulmonary complications are fewer.
A massive upward transfer of wealth and income from the taxpayer to those who had the wherewithal to purchase GOJ debt security.
The GOJ approach to this problem has been to deny flatly the existence of any classified understanding with the U.
GOJ officials will be keeping a close watch--for the time being--on cabinet appointments in the new administration.
Mr Ashford may still be driving his silver Rover 200, registration S243 GOJ.
The GOJ has maintained the SDF, improved its defensive capability, and conducted operations, in accordance with four fundamentals.
The GOJ expression produces an intermediate result of cardinality 6, while the intermediate result of the original expression has cardinality close to 1 million.
In effect it will help GOJ maintain its current support of primary and secondary health services to the project beneficiaries.
Type I arises from 1 to 5 cm proximal to the GOJ (tumours of the distal oesophagus), type II arises from 1 cm proximal to 2 cm distal to the GOJ (true cardiacarcinoma), and type III arises from 2 to 5 cm distal to the GOJ (subcardial gastric carcinoma).
NO GOJ "The important thing now is we move on and we both have the chance to do as well as we can for Scotland in these games.