GoNWFPGovernment of North West Frontier Province (Pakistan)
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Beside it, he can order to remove villages, restrict the erection of hamlets and can impose heavy fines on tribesmen in certain circumstances (GoNWFP, 1971, p.
(d) combined to suppress material evidence of the commission of an offence; the Deputy Commissioner may, with the previous sanction of the Commissioner, impose a fine on the inhabitants of such village or part of a village, or any of them as a whole" (GoNWFP, 1971, p.
The political executive in tribal areas can detain any person for up to three year as a preventive measure against murder, or culpable homicide or the dissemination of sedition (GoNWFP, 1971, p.
The authority to revise the Deputy Commissioner or Political Agent's verdicts rests with the Commissioner who can take action either on his own or in response to a petition by an aggrieved party but he is not allowed to set aside the finding on any question of fact of a Council of Elders, where such finding has been accepted by the Deputy Commissioner, unless he is of the opinion that there has been a material irregularity or defect in the proceedings or that the proceedings have been so conducted as to occasion a miscarriage of justice" (GoNWFP, 1971, p.
Fauna of the study area has affinities to Palearctic region and major species include; Snow leopard (Uncia uncia), Black bear (Ursus thibetanus), Himalayan lynx (Lynx lynx), Grey wolf (Canus lupus), Asiatic jackal (Canus aureus), Markhor (Capra falconeri), Himalayan ibex (Capra ibex sibirica), Cape hare (Lepus capensis), Snow cock (Tetraogallous himalayensis) and Chukar partridge (Alectoris chukar) (GoNWFP, 2006; Din and Nawaz, 2010).
GoNWFP and IUCN Pakistan (2004).Chitral - An Integrated Development Vision (Chitral Conservation Strategy).