GoPNGGovernment of Papua New Guinea
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As such, they were part of a larger effort to promote national development and local economic integration by combining two of PNG's most historically important economic activities, logging and commercial agriculture (see Connell 1997), in a way that would tap into the growing global demand for agricultural lands and crops such as oil palm (Filer 2012; GoPNG 2011b; Peluso and Lund 2011; White et al.
They depict a culture that is reinforcing endemic (UNICEF and GOPNG, 1996, p.139) and destructive forms of violence without regard for the human cost.
The workshops were designed to assist participants to examine AusAID and GoPNG policies with respect to gender and development; assess achievement levels with respect to the application of key policy initiatives in AusAID funded projects; analyse and discuss techniques and strategies for overcoming specific constraints; and develop an improved understanding of effective approaches to gender equal project design and implementation.