GoSLGovernment of Somaliland
GoSLGovernment of Sri Lanka
GoSLGovernment of Sierra Leone
GoSLGovernment of St. Lucia
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He added that the GoSL is keen to learn from the experience of the Special Rapporteur on addressing issues of de-radicalization and extremism, as well as best practices used by other countries in managing the issues that arise in protecting the freedom of religion or belief.
Table 1: Examples of Green Economy and Green Growth Initiatives in Africa (GIZ, 2013; GOSL, 2013; UNEP, 2015).
In March 2017,the GoSL recruited a compact development team in the Policy Development Office at the Prime Minister's Office.
Secretary-General's Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka ("Accountability Report") notes that: "Strong indicators of democracy, including universal franchise, a multi-party system and a vibrant electoral process, combined with important human development achievements, such as high literacy rates both for men and women and low infant mortality, contrast sharply with Sri Lanka's long history of war." (7) It is generally agreed that the conflict in Sri Lanka grew out of increasingly violent ethnic tensions, and that 1983 was the starting point of the armed conflict when the GoSL responded with armed force in response to LTTE attacks in the northern district of Jaffna.
Although the Kalu Ganga reservoir development is directly associated with the MASL and local communities, there are other important players, such as GOSL ministries and several departments (e.g., forest, wildlife, irrigation, archaeology, development, agriculture, and environment).
The GOSL should criminalize terrorist financing, continue its efforts to counter smuggling, tighten its borders, and regulate sectors which are vulnerable to money laundering.
"SMIB is a licensed specialised bank ("LSB"), created by the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) under the State Mortgage and Investment Bank Act No.
The destruction of private assets was substantial (US$ 700 million), in addition to public infrastructure and other assets based on Government of Sri Lanka data (GOSL, 2005).
reporters@dailyrecord.co.uk BBC television presenter Ray Gosl ing wi l l be prosecuted for wasting police time over claims he killed his gay lover.
Calixte Leon, Director of International Financial Services, Financial Services Supervision Unit, Ministry of Finance, 3rd Floor, Financial Centre Building, Bridge Street, Castries Street, Lucia, W.I., Phone: 1-758-468-5591, E-mail: finsersup@ gosl.gov.lc, Web site: www.stlucia.gov.lc
On the other hand in Sri Lanka, while the tsunami disaster and international assistance contributed to initial rapprochement between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) fighting for autonomy against state, the fraying Norwegian brokered peace process (2001-08) proved unsustainable.
The CFA and the entire peace process is between two parties, it is not based on LTTE as a non-state actor and GoSL (government of Sri Lanka) as a state actor,'' he said.