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The GOSL should criminalize terrorist financing, continue its efforts to counter smuggling, tighten its borders, and regulate sectors which are vulnerable to money laundering.
Estimates of needs assessment for reconstruction and rebuilding (US$ million) ADB/JICB/WB GOSL Losses Needs Losses Housing 306-341 437-487 400 Roads 60 200 353 Water and Sanitation 42 117 205 Rail ways 15 130 77 Education 26 45 170 Health 60 84 100 Agriculture 3 4 10 Fishery 97 118 200 Tourism 250 130 58 Power 10 67-77 115 Environment 10 18 30 Microfinance -- -- 157 Other 90 180 424 Total 900-1000 1500-1600 2200 Source: Asian Development Bank, Japan Bank for International Cooperation and World Bank (2005); Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL, 2005) Table 2.
Sri Lanka has a tradition of strict bank secrecy laws, under which the GOSL is required to have a court order to obtain banking information on bank customers.
The GOSL is a member of the OAS Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (OAS/CICAD) Experts Group to Control Money Laundering.
The USG and the GOSL cooperate extensively on law enforcement matters.
Further it will enhance the scope for utilizing IP for development in a new area, under the ongoing cooperation between WIPO and GOSL through a 10 Point Action Plan.
Reportedly, the GOSL does not plan to consider the establishment of gaming enterprises.
The Commission finds that the Darusman Report, as well as other reports, has taken a particularly narrow and restricted view of the obligation upon the GOSL to prosecute international crimes.
Arguendo, the LTTE ships were getting arms, it does not entitle the GOSL to attack those ships.
The resolution is non- binding - Both the movers of the Resolution and the GOSL were well aware that UNHRC Resolutions were non-binding in International Law.
Sweden, March 31 -- For weeks if not months, the USA and the UK threatened that they would move a Resolution before the UNHRC to establish a 'robust mechanism' leading to a possible hauling of GOSL before an International War Crimes tribunal.
has been interfering in the day to day lives of Sri Lankans with the sole purpose of undermining the GOSL.