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GOBAGreat Ohio Bicycle Adventure
GOBAGreat Ouse Boating Association (England)
GOBAGreater Orlando Baptist Association
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An hour later, gunshots rang out and the watchman saw two men running out and escape into the night.Although two Ethiopians, Haile Kidu Gemechu, who was staying in the room adjacent to Ali's, and businessman Goba Liban were arrested three years after the murder, the case eventually collapsed and they were set free for lack of evidence.
In addition, two of ABD's valued New Home Sales Counselors received accolades at the GOBA Major Achievements Awards: Annette Tilson won Silver and Ross Kramer won Bronze sales awards in the Million Dollar Sales Club.
(NYSE: ACCO) has closed the acquisition of Mexico-based school and crafts products provider GOBA Internacional, S.A.
The sample size was determined using single proportion formulas based on the estimation of the proportion of partner HIV testing at ANC in the study area, which was 10.0% for 2012 (Goba Hospital Health Management Information System prepared by the principal author and his team--unpublished data).
But this value was by far lower than those in studies in Enderta, Tigray Region, Ethiopia, 70.2% [22]; Debre Tabor town, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, 70.8% [21]; and EBF in the last 24 hours preceding the survey in Goba town, Oromia Region, Ethiopia, 71.3% [24].
We're sitting on a huge, squashy green leather sofa on the second floor of an historic building in the St-Germain-des-Pres area of Paris, amid a scattering of artworks--a small painting, "Memorial for Zaire," by Cheri Samba, as well as a cluster of colored drawings by Frederic Bruly Bouabre, and figure sculptures by John Goba that combine painted wood and porcupine spines.
Bonganjalo Goba argues that a "self-conscious ecclesiology in Africa found expression after the independence of certain African nations." (35) Goba argues that a thrust for the selfhood of an African church as shown in the earlier works by scholars such as Bolaji Idowu suggests a departure from the foreignness of the church in Africa not at the surface level but at a "profound theological level." He engages Allan Boesak and then proceeds to suggest "a tentative framework for a black ecclesiology." (36) Among the elements he suggests for this black, self-conscious ecclesiology are culture, Christ, images of the church that ostensibly should be contextual, the problem of the haves and the have-nots.
Ebola arrived in the village of Kalia in the form of one Mwalimu Ibrahim Goba, an Islamic pedagogue of great local renown.
In September 2002, Yahya Goba, Yassein Taher, Sahim Alwan, Faysal Galab, Mulchtar Bakri, and Shafel Mosed, all of Lackawana, New York, were arrested on charges of "providing, attempting to provide, and conspiring to provide material support and resources to designated terrorist organizations." (7) All six accused belonged to the Yemeni community of Lackawanna, just outside of Buffalo, and the news media dubbed them the "Lackawanna Six." The men were said to be members of the first homegrown jihadist group in the United States, and their case was approached with all the enthusiasm that could be expected from the law-enforcement officials of a nation that had just one year earlier suffered the pain of 9/11.
Adem* left Ethiopia for Yemen after spending two years in Goba Civil Prison in Addis Ababa.
His uncle Michel Goba was also an Ivorian international, who played professionally in France.