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GCWGalactic Civil War (Star Wars)
GCWGross Combination Weight (UK definition)
GCWGame Copy World
GCWGross Combined Weight (vehicles)
GCWGeorgia Championship Wrestling (Atlanta, GA)
GCWGreg & Chrissy Whale (computer repair business; Florida)
GCWGrand Canyon West
GCWGlobal Compendium of Weeds
GCWGroundwater Circulation Well
GCWGirl Crush Wednesday
GCWGlobal Championship Wrestling
GCWGreat Canadian Wrestling
GCWGoodbye Cruel World (internet slang)
GCWGarden City Western Railway Company
GCWGilda's Club Worldwide
GCWGold-Collar Worker
GCWGuided Course Work
GCWGraphic Communication World
GCWGreeting Card Writers (yahoo group)
GCWGamers Championship Wrestling
GCWGod's Chosen Warriors (Halo gaming clan)
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When they drag unarmed pro-slavery settlers from their cabins and hack them to death with broadswords, it recalls some chapter from the bloody Book of Joshua, in which unrighteous or unlucky tribes are slaughtered wholesale by God's chosen warriors.