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GOPGrand Old Party (US Republican political party)
GOPGroup Of Pictures (MPEG)
GOPGovernment Of the People
GOPGovernment of Portugal
GOPGovernment of Pakistan
GOPGrant of Probate (estates)
GOPGuns of the Patriots (gaming)
GOPGroup of Personalities (EU)
GOPGrumpy Old People (Republican Party slang)
GOPGlobalization of Production
GOPGreedy Old Party (political slang)
GOPGod's Own Party (slang for US Republican party)
GOPGroup of Pictures
GOPGlobal Operation
GOPGraph Oriented Programming
GOPGrand Opposition Party (politics)
GOPGlobal Order Promising (Oracle Solutions)
GOPGross Operating Profit
GOPGlobal Outreach Program
GOPGovernment of Panama
GOPGang of Psychos
GOPGreedy Old People
GOPGet Out and Push
GOPGallant Old Party (original meaning)
GOPGazi Osman Pasa (Istanbul City suburb)
GOPGippsland Offshore Petroleum (Gippsland Basin, Australia)
GOPGrundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung
GOPGuidelines for Operational Planning (NATO)
GOPGestion des Opérations et de la Production
GOPGood Operating Practice
GOPGeological Operations Report (energy production)
GOPGeneral Operational Plot (US Navy)
GOPGeneral Outpost
GOPGlobal Operating Plan
GOPGeneral Operating Procedure
GOPGods of Plastic (Ultimate Frisbee team)
GOPGestión Organizacional de Proyectos (Spanish: Organizational Project Management)
GOPGame On Pause (forum)
GOPGround Observer Post
GOPGauntlet of Power (item found in D&D-type games)
GOPGenerator Oil Pressure
GOPGhosts of Perdition (gaming clan)
GOPGround Operating Procedure (US DoD)
GOPGlobal Oceanic Pollution (James Edward Scherbarth painting)
GOPGas, Oil and Petrol
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While Daniel Williams's God's Own Party was published just as the Tea Party phenomenon was emerging, this lively book makes clear it is foolish to take seriously predictions that the Religious Right will soon fade into obscurity.
God's Own Party supplants William Martin's With God on Their Side as the best general study of the Religious Right, providing a fast-paced but detailed narrative from the 1940s through the 2008 election.
It is easy to forgive God's Own Party for promising more than it delivers, given the post-1940 narrative is chock-full of valuable historical insights.
According to his book, "the GOP is, perhaps, God's Own Party," not only because religious voters today prefer Republicans but because the party originally arose from the Second Great Awakening and the abolitionist movement.
It's a touchy subject for the rest of God's Own Party as well.
So the Grand Old Party--the GOP--has become God's Own Party, its ranks made up of God's Own People "marching as to war.
The Republican Party is not God's own party, as the Religious Right and some Republican leaders seem to be suggesting.