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GEVGuardie Ecologiche Volontarie (Italian: Voluntary Ecological Guards)
GEVGiga-Electron-Volt (one billion electron-volts)
GEVGod's Eye View (aviation)
GEVGround-Effects Vehicle (Hovercraft)
GEVGumbel Extreme Value distribution (reliability)
GEVGeneralized Error Variance
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Just because the God's eye view is rejected, it does not follow that standards of valuation and truth are also thrown out.
And given a God's eye view, no vision of the terror and the killings carried out in God's name.
"God's Eye View'' portrays Christian volunteers kidnapped by Muslim rebels while on an evangelical mission in a fictional Islamic country.
"God's Eye View'' is his first movie after an 18-year absence, during which he taught filmmaking at a university.
She wanted to write a biker song about--joyrides with Hermes, the Greek god who takes the souls of the dead to the afterlife, for a god's eye view of the span of life, "through the tunnel to the light." This led to the idea of doing a whole album inspired by Greek mythology.
That information would be transmitted wirelessly, in real time, to the central processing unit, where instructors would watch the scenario unfold from a god's eye view of the facility.
Cognition, for Kurtz, is not a view from "no-where" but rather from "now-here." Although in the now-here we do not have a "God's eye view," it is possible to develop informed and self-correcting judgments of practice.
In von Trier's world, the only buttress against chaos is a God's eye view, and the only way to get one is by piling artifice on top of artifice until you can finally see what's really there.
"We want a God's eye view of that area," said Anthony Detrick, manager of TSWG's improvised explosive device defeat division.