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GGRGlobal Gag Rule (family planning)
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GGRGesellschaft der Germanisten Rumäniens
GGRGod Given Right
GGRGlobal Greek Radio (Greek online radio station)
GGRGerman Galaxy Rangers (Counter-Strike clan)
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As a pedestrian, I see all of these supposedly fully-trained cyclists hogging the pavements as if it were a god given right. I've lost count of the near misses my wife and I have had without an apology; we've even had cyclists almost accusing us of being an obstruction to their cycling because we are walking on the pavement.
Why when they buy a ticket for themselves do they think it gives them the God given right to put their luggage on the seat next to them?
It is as if they had a God given right to live in a world that met every convenience they wanted.
Once again we heard only the whining of another horde of delayed polluters who seem to think that they have a God given right to be allowed to pay next to nothing to join fly-tipping trips which deposit tons of particularly noxious greenhouse gases at ultra-damaging altitude.
The idea our own local media give the impression 'we want to monopolise, and have a God given right to do so' is ludicrous.
Having a child is not a God given right and it's not the end of the world if you can't conceive.