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GOINGlobal Observation Information Network
GOINGreater Ozarks Information Network (Ava, MO)
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They'll be kind o' mad at your goin' home, you know, and you can't hardly blame 'em."
"You mean you would if you'd ben goin' to stay here," interposed uncle Jerry.
"What you need is quinine, an' I'm goin' to dose you up stiff as soon as we make McGurry."
'I've said my say, an' what are you goin' to do about it?' An' Billy says--an' what d'ye think he said, with everybody lookin' on an' Butch with blood in his eye?
But you bring La Folle one good fat squirrel fo' her dinner to-morrow, an' she goin' be satisfi'."
I've other business to attend to, and I can't afford to wait all night on men who don't know their own minds.' And then she smiles at Burnett, as well--you know, one of those fetching smiles, and damme if Burnett doesn't begin singing out: 'Goin', goin', goin'--last bid--goin', goin' for fifty-five sovereigns--goin', goin', gone--to you, Miss--er--what name, please?'
You mark what I tell you, Martin, land ain't always goin' to be had so cheap and I won't be living this time another year.
"Th' general, he ses he is goin' t' take th' hull cammand of th' 304th when we go inteh action, an' then he ses we'll do sech fightin' as never another one reg'ment done."
"Dere was a mug come in deh place deh odder day wid an idear he wus goin' teh own deh place!
"And she's goin' ter sleep in the attic--more shame ter HER!" scolded Nancy, with another glance over her shoulder toward the house behind her.
The man on the floor would shrivel up and say, "Oh, please don't, Bill; I hain't ever goin' to tell."
"It ain't goin' to get us nothing by fightin' amongst ourselves."