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GBHGrievous Bodily Harm (UK criminal law)
GBHGroupe Bernard Hayot (French joint stock company)
GBHGreat Blue Heron
GBHGamma Hydroxybutyrate
GBHGayen & Berns, Homann (German insurance company)
GBHGreat Big Hug
GBHGiardini Botanici Hanbury (Italian: Hanbury Botanic Gardens)
GBHGilbert Bain Hospital (Scotland; UK)
GBHGoing Back Home
GBHGame Boy Horror (game, Luigi's Mansion)
GBHGroup Busy Hour
GBHGreat Blue Hill
GBHGreat Britain Hardcore (music genre)
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References in classic literature ?
"Nicolete," I said presently, when I could speak, "it is time for you to be going back home."
But when he reached the plains again and the ground was firm under his feet he began to feel better, and instead of going back home he turned directly west.
"Yes, it was like going back home when I put on a black coat," answered Vronsky, smiling and slowly taking out his opera glass.
We will be doing Satyagraha, not going back home and working round the clock to shake the sleeping system.
"Then we will see where we think his standard is and also see what he feels because before he went he was very keen that this was going to be the right place for him but also going back home was something he wanted to do."
You have changed into Liverpool One It's alien, it's notmy place It feels like I'm in outer space I knowthat you are trendy and smart But the change in you breaksmy heart Perhaps nowthat I'm growing old I can't bear to see a newage unfold Liverpool 15 wasmy old home Nowit's a place Iwould disown The Brook House had a bowling green These memories nowseem but a dream Shops, houses, boarded now The Willowtree Pub once had a cow The cared for area has disappeared Deterioration is what I feared Sefton Park was a child's delight Climbing trees, flying a kite Watching cricket, rowing on the lake Then to the cafe for tea and cake T he change in the city makesme sigh One can't go back the time's gone by Asad emotion has been put to pen Iwon't be going back home again by Maureen S.
The coach says he is going back home for the sake of his family.
Incidentally, I also read that workers who came from Poland to Britain for a better life are now going back home because conditions (wages and so on) make it better back home.
AoIf youAAEre not an investor, it is extremely difficult to acquire permissions; so the majority of Iraqis I know are working without them,Ao said Sameer who isnAAEt considering going back home, as the security they speak of today still canAAEt fully protect him from getting murdered.
After several unsuccessful attempts to find a job at various construction sites, he decided to commit a suicide instead of going back home.
And, upon thankfully going back home this week, who was his first visitor?
It looks like the girls are finally going back home after a year, but the boys keep up their tricks and schemes anyway--until a big dare to prove who is really tops gets out of hand.