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Margo Strupeck's own experiences managing her internet life and identity pepper accounts of others with reflections on consequences, social identity, and how to take regular breaks from online life to preserve a sense of peace by going off the grid. Teens are advised to step away from smart technologies to preserve their identities and are provided tools for achieving these goals.
This is popularly referred to as "going off the grid," meaning the electrical grid, but really referring to any and all sense of society or obligation.
We wanted the house to be energy efficient without going off the grid. The floor plan was laid out so that as we got older we would not have to remodel to take wheelchairs and all that, into consideration.
Owen devotes a good part of his book to showing that high-tech green fixes--developing an electric-car industry, constructing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)--certified buildings, and going off the grid with residential solar panels and other technologies--offer false comfort, as long as they perpetuate our dependence on automobile transportation.
Going off the grid means spending many thousands of dollars, as well as a lot of time and aggravation.
While we are not going off the grid, we feel it will at least help.
The couple's decision to tap the power of sun and wind mirrors the reasoning of other homeowners who've considered going off the grid: a photovoltaic system makes economic sense for remote locations, but it rarely does for houses where electric power is more readily available.
Abueva's time with the national team is the first time that the beleaguered forward appeared in public after going off the grid for weeks, which prompted the Aces to suspend him indefinitely.
Cummins, accused of abducting Thomas and going off the grid for over a month, made his first appearance at a federal court in Tennessee on Tuesday.
Coop/Co-Op, 2010, for instance, a makeshift fort for activists going off the grid, combines all manner of eco-kitsch (including tie-dye bandannas, a meditation fountain, and a yin-yang Hacky Sack) with more substantial provisions: copies of Peter Singer's seminal 1975 tract, Animal Liberation, and of the journal Earth First!, in addition to a VHS tape of Raymond Pettibon's Sir Drone and a poster for Land Art, a video broadcast on Gerry Schum's alternative West German "Television Gallery" in the late 1960s.
And that concern is not just speculation: A similar law in Los Angeles County has driven a lot of ( production out of the area, and even underground - with the predictable lack of protections that comes with going off the grid.