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Conseil was already trying to unclasp the harpooner's hand from his half-suffocated victim, and I was going to fly to the rescue, when suddenly I was nailed to the spot by hearing these words in French:
I feel just like having a good time; don't you?" said Rose, waving her arms as if she was going to fly.
My sister with an exclamation of impatience was going to fly at me - I had no shadow of defence, for Joe was busy in the forge when Mr.
People asked in mono-rail trains, "When are we going to fly?" A new crop of inventors sprang up in a night or so like fungi.
But see, these fellows are kinder debating down there, and looking up, like hens when they are going to fly up on to the roost.
They made no answer at all, but I thought I perceived them just going to fly from me, when I spoke to them in English.
But I can say that Tom had no sooner finished speaking, than she pricked up her ears, and started forward at a speed which made the clay-coloured gig rattle until you would have supposed every one of the red spokes were going to fly out on the turf of Marlborough Downs; and even Tom, whip as he was, couldn't stop or check her pace, until she drew up of her own accord, before a roadside inn on the right-hand side of the way, about half a quarter of a mile from the end of the Downs.
"We know him as a person and we knew he was going to fly straight back but I think that's probably what has impressed me most really" said Taylor.
Sonipat (Haryana) [India], June 30 ( ANI ): Father of maintenance engineer Surabhi Gupta, who lost her life in Mumbai plane crash, has said his daughter had told him that she was going to fly a sick aircraft.
He added: If its anything like what was part of the Goodlatte bill, thats just not going to fly.
When we finished the conversation I was pretty much under the impression that he wasn't going to fly."
ORDU (CyHAN)- People who were going to fly from Ordu-Giresun Airport to ystanbul were angered when the flight were delayed for seven hours on Sunday evening.