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I started going to the gym because all my friends had passed away by then so I went for some company.
I am going to the gym and eating right so that I can feel good and reduce weight.
I told him I still enjoyed going to the gym though, and he reassured me that even though I wasn't a member any more, I'd be able to use the facilities as before and foreigners would no longer be welcome.
This guide, written in plain English, explores the reasons why people seem to be unable to lose weight despite going to the gym every day and starving themselves.
JAMIE VARDY has revealed the secrets of his extraordinary fitness regime - nicotine, caffeine and NEVER going to the gym.
TWO in five British women are put off going to the gym because they do not feel fit enough, a poll has found.
Research from the London School of Economics has revealed you're more likely to lose weight from a brisk 30-minute daily walk than going to the gym.
He looks forward to going to the gym twice a week and says it is a good way of making friends.
She saw a trend for people going to the gym on an empty stomach, so created three pots to give you a healthy protein hit without spoiling your workout.
Well done for going to the gym - but your body is smart and once it knows how to do something, it uses less energy to do it.
Going to the gym several times a week definitely has to be better than not going to the gym, but I was thinking last night about how we can shift attitudes to having a healthier lifestyle.
Washington, April 7 ( ANI ): Sofia Vergara has admitted that she hates going to the gym and struggles a bit to maintain her voluptuous and sexy figure.