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GGIEGolden Gate International Exposition (San Francisco, CA; 1939-1940)
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In 1939, the Golden Gate International Exposition opened on Treasure Island in San Francisco.
But Covarrubias was also a keen ethnographer, painting a set of six portable, mural-size maps for San Francisco's 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition (similar to a world's fair); the charts were published the following year in book form as Pageant of the Pacific.
But the three international expositions discussed by Osborne--the Midwinter International Exposition (1893-94), the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915), and the Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-40)--are but a small slice of the global imaginary and, again, are already a very familiar part of traditional California lore.
Yok's family moved to Eugene after passing through town on their way to visit the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco.
Like the attractions at the 1938 Golden Gate International Exposition, entertainers at tourist venues like Mona's combined sexual and racial display to explain the cultural dynamics of West Coast politics to tourists, newcomers, and each other.
To treat American Indian art with respect, as does a series of eight posters designed for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition, was to move toward a more egalitarian cultural order.
It was an ambitious undertaking for an equally ambitious fair, the grandiose 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exposition, held to commemorate two projects some said couldn't be done--building the Golden Gate and Bay bridges.
Northern California's Pomo Indians--masters of the craft of fine art baskets--were one of the diverse tribes represented in Louis Siegriest's WPA posters for the Indian Court exhibit at San Francisco's Golden Gate International Exposition (1939-40).
Five huge murals of the Pacific by Mexican artist Miguel Covarrubias, done for the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939, line the rampway from the first to the third floor.
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