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GKFGolden Key Futura (archery manufacturer)
GKFGavalas Kolanko Foundation (est. 1999; Mt. Pleasant, SC)
GKFGrameen Krishi Foundation
GKFGlobal Kerala Foundation (India)
GKFGraham K. Furness
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Golden Key Futura Free Fall and Golden Premier Fall Away.
At Golden Key Futura, Vincent Troncoso, vice president of research and development, says the company is celebrating 30 years in business.
Golden Key Futura makes a multitude of rests, but two fine drop-away models include the new T.K.O., an all-metal, rope-activated model, and the Hunter Elite, including dual synthetic bearings and silent launchers.
For the serious archer and hunter, Golden Key Futura products mean business.
Also available from Golden Key Futura are several hunting and overdraw rests, pin sights and crosshair sights, and stabilizers and weights.
I'm using the Golden Premier FallAway from Golden Key Futura, but I also like the Trophy Taker rest.
Rick Bohl, General Manager of Golden Key Futura, advises most archers to set up their rests so they offer the shaft some guidance before falling.
When I started competing in paper tournaments, a Golden Key Futura scope replaced my fixed-pin sight and a new ACE Hydraulic Stabilizer completed my bow's accessories.
If there is a bow accessory made, Golden Key Futura most likely designed it or found a way to improve it.
Golden Key Futura Free Fall: The Free Fall is similar to the time-proven TM Hunter but the spring has been reversed to pull the rest down rather than up.
If you shoot a target scope, you are no stranger to the lock-down nuts on the scope rods, and hunters who use one of the Premier Series of arrow rests from Golden Key Futura will also enjoy having a small adjustable wrench handy when tuning the pitch of the arms on their arrow rest.
With Golden Key Futura's new woven leather Comfort Sling, you can personalize your bow with a touch of class.