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GOMAGulf of Mexico Alliance (state government partnership; est. 2004)
GOMAGeorgia Osteopathic Medical Association
GOMAGet Off My Ass
GOMAGreater Orlando Merchants Association (est. 1995; Florida)
GOMAGeneral Officer Money Allowance
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Todo se dirige a la idea con la que Goma afirma la supremacia del Yo y su "dignidad sin condiciones" (p.
In a phone interview on Wednesday, Goma told reporters he could not give a detailed account of what happened because the MILF central committee had issued orders that all queries about the massacre would be addressed only by the central committee.
At the center of local volcanologists' work is the Goma Volcano Observatory.
Cuando los peritos consultados por los legisladores presentaron sus primeras conclusiones, expusieron que entre los objetos lanzados por los uniformados hubo balas de goma y hablaron de indicios que contradicen a la CNDH, pues el organismo dictamino que Tehuatlie Tamayo murio por un cartucho de gas de largo alcance.
Goma est un volcan" (Goma is hot / Goma is a volcano).
At this moment MONUSCO, sorry, M23 is shelling Goma and also, as you rightfully said, Rwandan territory.
The M23 rebel group briefly took Goma last November and subsequent peace talks in neighboring Uganda have repeatedly stalled.
intervention brigade" arrived in Goma this month for their mission to combat M23 and other rebel groups.
Sin duda, el momento clave de la vida de Monsenor Goma fue el conflicto fratricida de 1936-1939.
Runiga had previously said that they would leave the captured town of Goma if their demands were met but government leaders called the rebel's demands a "farce".
Goma, DR Congo -- Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo warned on Wednesday they had the entire country in their sights after seizing the key eastern city of Goma, and demanded that President Joseph Kabila leave power.
Judges ruled the death of Mr Goma was "unintentional," according to court documents.