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GOMBURZAGomez Burgos Zamora (Philippine history)
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The current administration seeks to cast aside this legacy, proposing to replace it with a federalist project short on social justice principles and long on authoritarian possibilities lurking beneath its extravagant promises,' said Gomburza leader Fr.
Reyes said the event would also be a tribute to the heroism of priests Jose Burgos, Mariano Gomez and Jacinto Zamora, known as Gomburza, who stood up to Spanish colonialism and were executed on Feb.
But, the NHI/NHC could not resist putting GOMBURZA on the cover.
Reyes said members of Gomburza felt a 'surge of fresh idealism and stronger love of God and country' as a result of the protest rallies on Thursday, Sept.
Reyes, also known as the 'running priest' for initiating marathons to raise public awareness on social and political issues, said he would temporarily act as Gomburza spokesperson as the reactivated organization geared up for a formal appearance on a Sept.
Jacinto Zamora, one of the three martyred priests in 1872 and the 'Za' in Gomburza, was from Pandacan; then while passing a fountain in the middle of the plaza, I remembered the name 'Celia' from the handwritten version of 'Florante' that Apolinario Mabini wrote from memory when he was in exile in Guam as prisoner of the Americans.
Founding a native religious confraternity in the 1830s, he was persecuted by the Spanish friars, tried and executed in 1841-two decades before Jose Rizal was born; three decades before the Gomburza were executed; and over half a century before Gregorio Aglipay established the native church.
A major face-lifting job is needed for the Gomburza Monument and its environs in front of or across the National Museum in Manila.
He later dedicated 'El Filibusterismo,' his second novel, to Gomburza.
The 23 bronze figures that include Bonifacio, Emilio Jacinto and Gomburza, the martyrs of 1872, rest on an octagonal base that refers to the eight provinces placed under martial law at the outbreak of the revolution; these are the same provinces that are commemorated in the eight rays of our flag.
Piernavieja who had served in Bulacan implicated many in the events of 1872 best remembered for the execution of Gomburza.
Puli was executed, but his teachings were studied by the Gomburza and even Iglesia Ni Cristo founder Felix Manalo.