GoNUGovernment of National Unity (Sudan political organization)
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This explains why 2007's Tropical Cyclone Gonu and 2010's Tropical Cyclone Phet made landfall hit almost exactly 3 years apart.
The results showed that the model with the COSMIC measurements more precisely simulated the track of Gonu, with COSMIC estimates of upper-troposphere temperature and lower-troposphere moisture proving particularly valuable in forecasting the storm's track.
In Muscat and the coastal areas, flooding and mudflows from Gonu severely damaged local infrastructure, including bridges, roads, electricity, and telephone networks.
The damage is not as big as Gonu but the insurance companies could face a payout bill between $100 to $200 million to the private sector," Deepak Kamath, county manager of AXA Insurance said.
We were very slightly touched by Gonu but it had no bad effect.
The results during the quarter were significantly affected by claims arising out of Cyclone Gonu, the strongest tropical cyclone on record in the Arabian Sea that hit Oman in June.
Deng, state minister of state for finance of GONU and non-executive board member of White Nile Ltd.
reshuffled; GoSS is not affected; GoNU resumes work
The Federation of the GCC Chambers of Commerce plans to organise an investment conference in the Sultanate of Oman to discuss ways to kick-start Omani economy battered by super cyclone Gonu.
For most expats here, forgettable memories associated with the city don't extend beyond Gonu that struck in 2007.
When Gonu destroyed parts of Muscat, we raised enough funds for fifty families in Quraiyat for beddings and food.