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GOOBGoing out of Business (also seen as GOB)
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As well as theserena premiere it brought the opening for Brit flick The Goob, a Norfolk-set tale about a 16-year-old boy helping his mum to run their greasy spoon cafe.
On the last trip to take a harvest home, the household head will call on the souls of the crop ("plig goob plig loo"--pli klong pli hung) to come home with him so that next year they will bring more harvest.
"We'll be servicing industrial hygienists, facilities, property managers and Joe Homeowner to see if he has mold," explains Thomas Goob, manager for DLS Inc.'s safety, health and environmental affairs department.
Tullis, technical manager at OCF's unsaturated polyester plant in Valparaiso, Ind., says, "We work to convince customers that it's hard enough for us to do a good job of testing--few of them can expected to do as goob a job." Adds plant manager Kevin Kerner, "We want customers to trust our SPC data so they won't spend three hours testing a shipment before they unload the truck.
The Goob (BBC2, 11.35pm - 1.00am) Guy Myhill's dark, coming-of-age drama, starring Liam Walpole and Sienna Guillory.
Wrapped up in his inventions, he has little time to charm potential adoptive parents, or to help his roommate Goob (Matthew Josten).
Lewis is so wrapped up in his inventionsthat he has little time to charm potential adoptive parents, or to be sensitive to the needs of his exhausted roommate Goob (Matthew Josten).
Greeting us enthusiastically, the mum of twin girls (Valentina and Lucia, four) is grateful we're championing her latest indie flick The Goob because, forget the Love Actuallys and Resident Evils on her CV, by her own admission she's done 'millions of low-budget films no one's seen'.