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The CEO of leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer Adcock Ingram, Mr Andrew Hall, today signed the Guidelines for Good Business Practice by South African Companies Operating in the Rest of Africa.
William Webb wrote: "These people were probably on low income, sometimes good business practice is to give staff a pat on the back or a few extras, eg food that is going to waste.
With GBSA we intend to engage with the regulatory, legislative and business communities to further enhance economic growth and good business practice.
Voluntary compliance of companies with this labor standard is a good business practice, Baldoz said.
Voluntary compliance with labor laws, including the payment of correct wages, is good business practice.
Keeping jobs in America is inherently good business practice, company officials note, adding that when consumers purchase products made in the United States, they are supporting their own financial markets, while jobs shipped overseas are a loss to the industry and national economy.
Researchers of a report into good business practice have declared the world's finest firms can take a leaf out of the best in the UAE.
If a product does fail within 12 months, you are still entitled to a refund from the supplier, though this is hardly sufficient consolation for the disruption to your process and personnel time involved, neither does it constitute good business practice to be fixing problems caused by purchasing on a "lowest initial cost" basis.
Nick Kindon, spokesman for Bibby, said: "Over and above the need to clean up their act with the Late Payment Directive on the horizon, taking a 'rob Peter to pay Paul' approach to late payment is not good business practice when it comes to managing cash flow.
And while staying away from international trade may seem like a good business practice, it's actually riskier than the alternative, according to a UPS press release.
Our mission is to introduce good business practice to the creative industries, to maximise the potential of what are often micro-businesses.