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GCFGreatest Common Factor
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GCFGrace Community Fellowship (various locations)
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GCFGood Clean Fun (band)
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GCFGC-rich sequence DNA-binding factor
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GCFGun Carriage Factory (Madhya Pradesh, India)
GCFGuralp Compressed Format (floppy disk data format)
GCFGrid Controlled Fluoroscopy (Philips)
GCFGlobal Coherence Field
GCFGlass-Ceramic Ferrule
GCFGuaranteed Car Finance (UK)
GCFGerman Car Fans, LLC
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GCFGrid Characterization Facility
GCFGreen Chile Festival
GCFGerman City Fighter (gaming)
GCFGaussian Correction Functions
GCFGreenfield Coalition Fundamentals
GCFGroupe Canada France (French-Canadian networking club)
GCFGluten and Casein Free
GCFGlobal Compliance Forum
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With their '40s girl group look, and a sound that encompasses swing, folk, roots, secular gospel blues and four-part harmonies that kill--Rosie & the Riveters' debut album, Good Clean Fun, is simply a must-have.
this is a good clean fun place with great food and service.
It is to be hoped that other entertainers will pick up the torch of good clean fun from Stan.
When a bunch of women get together scantily-clad in a steam room and talk dirty, it is nothing but good clean fun.
It's all good clean fun, naturally, with you learning instruments, trying out dance moves and performing.
This proved to be a traditional pantomime with good clean fun suitable for all ages of children without even a hint of smutty material or bad language, somewhat of a change in the present times.
RUSSELL Brand had some good clean fun the other night.
The other Welsh hopefuls who took part in the good clean fun were Rachel Ellis, 23, of Abercynon, Nicola Bennet, 20, of Tredegar, Carla Burrows, 19, of Caerphilly and Rhiannon Davies, 19, of Cardiff.
In her book, "Lots O' Riddles: Good Clean Fun for Everyone," Brown has collected riddles that cover many topics and puts them together in light and readable arrangement.
Knowing that, it's probably going to be some band like RAMBO or Good Clean Fun that I can't stand.
Keeping the muscle mechanics, balance and flexibility training, strength development and more of a kick-focused cardio-vascular workout without the violent characteristics of throwing a punch, Kick To Get Fit For Kids is enthusiastically energetic and good clean fun.
A trip to the Fitness Farm was just good clean fun for Freda Hu, the grand prize winner of the 2004 Thomas Kinkade Colorful Kids Poster Contest.