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In Paranaque, a cozy new spot for strong brews and good eats
"Good eats," you might say after bolting down a piece of your favorite pizza.
TV CHARACTER I don't watch a lot of TV, but I did spend some time watching Alton Brown on "Good Eats." I enjoy how he merges science and cooking together.
Whether fronting his iconic TV show "Good Eats,'' playing the role of host and sportscaster on the "Iron Chef America'' smackdown, putting the screws to would-be TV personalities on "The Next Food Network Star'' or causing chaos on the vicious gamechow show "Cutthroat Kitchen,'' Alton Brown is a standout in the world of foodie television.
Good Eats is a restaurant that uses Diligent Insurance Agency for general liability insurance.
Skippered snack shacks are everywhere, providing good eats to waterlogged foodies on lakes, rivers, bays and harbors.
Just had to thank you for the article about "Alton Brown's Good Eats" [September/October 09].
And Springfielders who live west of 28th Street will want to load up on some good eats today as they get to join in on leaf raking season.
Good eats! That's likely what a 422-pound black bear was looking for in a Porthill, Idaho, backyard in early October.
It takes both perseverance and technical knowledge to avoid discouragement and get to the good eats. Michael Klein buys heavily into the jargon of literary theory and its counterparts in other fields, lacing his musical discussions with references to semiotics, heuristics and hermeneutics, to deconstruction and post-structuralism.
Re: "Good Eats by the Sea," May, page 33, Northern California and Northwest editions.
This year's lineup includes TV personalities such as Hildi Santo-Thomas, recurring designer on "Trading Spaces," Alton Brown of "Good Eats," Michael Payne host of HGTV's "Designing for the Sexes" and Tom Silva, general contractor of "This old house.