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If the bags are not of good enough quality, they will be easily damaged and create loose waste.
It will use as its raw material the coal mined by Vale, which is not of good enough quality for export.
We also did not consider the design and layout of the scheme to be of good enough quality.
Whether we are not quite good enough quality wise or for any other reason, I can't fault the players' effort.
You just have to make it good enough quality people will come back and price it so they can't think of a reason not to.
These requirements are detailed on the inaugural "Snap Shots" (page 10); among other things, please note that photos shot with your cell phone will not be good enough quality to make the cut.
But it seems like right now they're out of sorts because they don't really have a good enough quality image and they don't have a price image at all.
She said: "We only had two embryos of good enough quality and we knew we didn't have much of a chance.
The Anthony Nolan Trust estimates that about 30,000 of the blood cords will not be of good enough quality to use for bone marrow donations.
Neville's comments echo a government report last October which said most CCTV footage is not of good enough quality to help police identify offenders and many cameras are focused on enforcing bus lanes as well as stopping crime.
Factories still needed a way to determine whether certain batches of cane coming into their facilities were of good enough quality to be processed in the first place," she says.
Canon and HP produce mobile printers small and light enough to fit in your computer bag and of good enough quality to print color photos and renderings.