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GETSGet String (C programming function)
GETSGood Enough to Share (US Army)
GETSGeneral Electric Transportation Systems
GETSGovernment Emergency Telecommunications Service
GETSGlobal Environment and Trade Study (est. 1994)
GETSGovernment Electronic Tendering Service (Canada)
GETSGroundwater Extraction and Treatment System
GETSGPS Enhanced Theater Support
GETSGeneral Environmental Test Specification
GETSGround Equipment Test Set
GETSGlobal Enterprise Technology System (Boeing Co.)
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It's good enough to share, but then again, would you really want to?
If so, perhaps she will be good enough to share her supreme skills with us lesser mortals so we may learn and repent?
The ball is then in the court of Germany and France - if they don't consider us good enough to share their power, why should we put up with it?
Instead, Mancini says he's good enough to share the same dressing room at one of Europe's top clubs.
With both wins, the Panthers finished the Benton Invitational Tournament with a 4-1 record; good enough to share the title with the host team, Rangers.
They are certainly good enough to share the spoils in Valencia.
They deliver the classic and green tea-flavored froyo that's good enough to share with the family, as well as froyo parfaits that we're sure you wouldn't want to share.
Thanks to those readers who have read what I had to say every Sunday and were good enough to share their own opinions and thoughts with me on a wide range of issues.
"I have every intention of returning to it, believing the originating person thought it good enough to share, but what if they're doing the same thing?
If so, then perhaps the Prime Minister will be good enough to share a few memories of his time in the Bullingdon Club, a period of his life which up until now he has struggled to recall.
Woods carded a 66, which was three strokes better than McIlroy, and good enough to share the lead with Justin Rose on day one.