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GFOMGood Friend of Mine (Internet slang)
GFOMGeorgia Friends of Midwives
References in classic literature ?
I presented Rouletabille as a good friend of mine, but, as soon as he learnt that the young man was a journalist, he looked at me very reproachfully, excused himself, under the necessity of having to reach Epinay in twenty minutes, bowed, and whipped up his horse.
Lady Carmarthen is Wolfendon's cousin, you know, and a very good friend of mine. I have half a dozen blank cards here.
"A very good friend of mine," concluded D'Artagnan.
Only, when I came to mention that good friend of mine, Mr.
"I've never noticed any butterflies there, but that is the yellow country of Oz and it's ruled by a good friend of mine, the Tin Woodman."
In fact," he lowered his tone confiden tially, "in this case a good friend of mine; a man you can see here any evening; only they conversed rather low.
"Gary is a good friend of mine and was great to me when I started out on tour," said Lowry.
Kunavula said: "Viliame Mata is a good friend of mine and he's told me so much about the club."
"The manager is a good friend of mine, and I do want them to go on and do it, but I've got a job to do and I've got to look after Cammell Laird," he said.
Labour colleague Alex McVey, who represents Coatbridge North, said: "Gordon was a very good friend of mine and was a true friend and comrade.
A good friend of mine, Tim Davies, left that day for Switzerland, where he was climbing the Matterhorn to raise money for Breast Cancer Now.
Roy Cooper from the Professional Security Magazine said: Mike was a very good friend of mine. The least we could do was to try and support Mikes boys; I am really pleased to have done it.