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GIIPGood International Industry Practice (standards)
GIIPGas Initially In Place
GIIPGlobal Information Internship Program
GIIPGuanzhong Irrigation Improvement Project (China; World Bank)
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These impacts and risks can be readily identified and addressed through the implementation of Good International Industry Practice (GIIP).
While investment proceeds will be directed to the four Sub-Saharan African countries listed, as an integral part of its engagement IFC is working to guide Socfin to take a proactive, systematic and comprehensive view of its environmental and social risks and impacts worldwide and in doing so bring its environmental and social practices up to recognized standard of good international industry practice.
Upon implementation of the featured mitigation measures described below and in the attached ESAP, the project will comply with environmental and social requirements, namely the laws and regulations of Indonesia, recognized good international industry practice, and IFC s Performance Standards on Social and Environmental Sustainability.
Lydian is committed to good international industry practices in all aspects of its operations including production, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.
Environmental & Social Categorization Rationale : The Project has limited potential environmental and social impacts, and those that do exist are being site-specific and can be resolved through the application of good international industry practices. This corporate-level investment is therefore a Category B project according to IFC s Procedure for E&S Review of Projects.
Forward-looking statements in this news release include, among others, statements with respect to: the timing, results and outcome of the criminal proceedings initiated by the Prosecutor; the ability of the Company to resume construction and/or gain access to the Amulsar Project as a result of the criminal proceedings initiated against the protestors, of which there can be no assurances; the realization of mineral resource estimates and the timing of development of the Amulsar Project; the commitment to and implementation of good international industry practices; the expected gold production from, and life of mine of, the Amulsar Project and the expected mining methods at the Amulsar Project.