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GLPGas Licuado de Petroleo (Spanish: Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
GLPGodlike Productions (conspiracy forum)
GLPGlucagon-Like Peptide
GLPGood Laboratory Practices
GLPGuadeloupe (ISO Country code)
GLPGallup (Amtrak station code; Gallup, NM)
GLPGás Liquefeito de Petróleo (Portugese: Liquefied Petroleum Gas)
GLPGlobal Land Project (joint research project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme and the Human Dimension Programme on Global Environmental Change)
GLPGood Laboratory Practice
GLPOpen Gl Performer
GLPGreek Lyric Poetry
GLPGreen Light Project (various organizations)
GLPGibson Les Paul (guitar)
GLPGreen Laser Pointer
GLPGlobal Learning Portal (Washington, DC)
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GLPGlobal License Program (Symantec)
GLPGrünliberale Partei Schweiz (Swiss Green Liberal Party)
GLPGovernment Loaned Property
GLPGeneralized Linear Phase
GLPGreat Lakes Power Inc
GLPGroup Leadership Project (US Air Force ROTC)
GLPGeographic Location Profile
GLPGuaranteed Low Price
GLPGet Low Playas (rap group)
GLPGeneralized Logic Program (computer programming)
GLPGreat Lakes Precipitation
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GOING GLP: CONDUCTING TOXICOLOGY STUDIES IN COMPLIANCE WITH GOOD LABORATORY PRACTICES Conduct of a 58.130 792.130 (a) Study in (a) The nonclinical The study shall be Accordance with laboratory study shall conducted in accordance the Protocol be conducted in with the protocol.
OECD Series on Principles of Good Laboratory Practice and Compliance Monitoring, No 1: OECD Principles on Good Laboratory Practice.
The working groups were organized to analyze data, compose additional questions for a Web site posting, and integrate the information into draft consensus good laboratory practice statements for gynecologic cytology to be presented and voted upon at the CAP Gynecologic Cytopathology Quality Consensus Conference (GCQC2).
Good laboratory practices for biochemical genetic testing and newborn screening for inherited metabolic disorders.
We now have a far deeper appreciation that good laboratory practices, using CLSI's Quality Management System as a foundation, are universally applicable in any setting.
Vitrology runs a good laboratory practices (GLP)/current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) laboratory facility offering biosafety services such as virology, cell and molecular biology as well as microbiology and electron microscopy.
Both laboratories are FDA registered and function under current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) and applicable Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).
In addition, the analyzer offers easy operation and maintenance, and it complies with current good laboratory practices and regulatory guidelines.
Nevertheless, ICRA derives comfort from the significant experience of the promoters in the contract research service (CRO) business along with a well qualified and good laboratory practices (GLP)- trained operating team.
However, use of special base media and/or supplement(s) is being recommended for investigating Hib burden, instead of emphasizing on good laboratory practices mentioned in the text books (7,8).
The Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) nonhuman primate toxicology study data was generated and submitted last month as part of an IND package to the FDA.